Adoption Area

We participate with adopters in the following states: DC, DE, MD, NJ, portions of NY, VA, and PA. Please choose your state. If your state is not listed here, please do not proceed with the application. We are not set up to adopt in other states at this time.

Adoption Process

Our adoption process is broken down into 4 stages. We will process your application as quickly as possible and will correspond with you as each stage is completed. Our stages are as follows: Once your application is assigned to an adoption coordinator, they will help guide you thru the process.


  1. Personal interview with you, vet reference and personal reference.
  2. Foster interview (This is an important stage, where you make sure the cat you are interested in adopting is the best fit for you.)
  3. Home visit.
  4. Arrange to pick up the cat/kitten.

Once you are approved to adopt a particular cat/kitten, we will ask you to complete the Adoption Agreement form and to make your adoption donation. Make arrangements to get your new family member.

If you are adopting a young kitten that has not been spayed or neutered yet, we will ask you to complete the OMC Spay/Neuter Contract and to prepay for this procedure with your vet. You may also use one of the programs that OMC offers - Friends of Animals,, or the NJ Spay/Neuter Program (Your Application Coordinator will guide you).

Please note that kittens under the age of 7 months must be adopted into a home with an existing cat or in pairs. Our adoption policy requires that an adopter have a cat already in the home, or that they adopt 2 cats from our group when choosing a kitten under the age of 7 months.

After the completion of this process, arrangements will be made for the cat to be picked up by you or to be delivered to you by the foster parent.


Adoption Donation Amounts:

Only Maine Coons Rescue is a private, nonprofit organization that relies completely on private donations and its own fundraising abilities to operate. We receive no federal, state or government funding, or funds from any national animal welfare organizations.

The donations collected from the adoption of each animal help to offset some of the costs involved in providing care for the animals and preparing an animal for placement in a new home.

** Please note that a recent increase in vetting costs has impacted our donation amounts below. **

Kittens under 1 year old the adoption donation is: $310.

(If WE spay/neuter the kitten an additional cost of $160-$310 may be added to the total adoption donation depending on the location of the cat) 

(If YOU spay/neuter because the kitten is too young/small to fix at adoption time, a refundable spay/neuter deposit of $250 will be required and added to the adoption cost, these funds will be returned once proof of spay/neuter is provided to us.)  Please keep in mind that the usual cost to spay/neuter by a regular vet can cost anywhere from $260-$510.

Adult Cats, 1 - 7 years old the adoption donation is: $260.00.
Purebred Cats 12 weeks-7 years old  the adoption donation is:  $410.00.
Purebred Cats 8+ years old the adoption donation is: $285.00.
Senior Cats, 8 + years old the adoption donation is:   $160-$210.
      (Price will vary depending on age/health, please ask your Adoption Coordinator)
Shorthair Cats the adoption donation is: $185.00.


What your adoption donation includes: (does not include spay/neuter for kittens)

  • A general physical examination by a veterinarian
  • Adoption clearance by a veterinarian
  • Feline distemper Vaccine
  • Rabies Vaccine  (Per vets' recommendation/if age appropriate)
  • De-worming treatment
  • Flea/tick treatment
  • Feline leukemia test (FeLV)  (Per vets' recommendation/if age appropriate)
  • Feline Immunodeficiency Virus test (FIV)
  • Free medications for the first 7 days (if needed)
  • Microchip