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Sammy ended up at the shelter after he was found wandering the city streets and subsequently pulled by OMC . He has made tremendous progress in foster care. 
Sammy loves to play. His favorite toys are the tunnel and chasing an object on a wand. He also is very fond of his scratching post and uses it all the time. 
Sammy enjoys human interaction and will rub up against his foster when seeking attention . He greets his foster mom each morning with non-stop purring and a soft meow. Sammy however can be over stimulated and if his body language is ignored he will communicate his displeasure with gentle bites and or reaching out to grab on with his claws. Sammy is not at this time a lap cat however he does enjoy sitting on the couch with his foster and will lean up against her thigh. He is going in the right direction and we are hopeful that he will be comfortable enough to cuddle with you.
During a vet exam, it was noticed that his lymph nodes were large.  Some tests were done, and Sammy tested positive for Bartonella ( cat scratch fever).  He was treated with medicine and is doing well.  For this reason, Sammy should not be placed in a home with an immune compromised human  ( there is medicine available for humans to treat if needed) or with other animals.  Sammy can sometimes bite harder then he thinks and might break the skin.  Bartonella is transferable to humans as well as other cats.  We do not know if the bartonella is still contagious after treatment and cannot guarantee that  there will be no future risks. He will need to return to the vet to be retested in November 2021.  
Sammy will need an adopter who is comfortable with his unpredictability and patient with him as he is still learning how to be a cat.  He will require more time and work, but we are proud of the progress he has made so far and know that he can continue to trust and learn in his forever home.
Sammy is UTD and used the litter box.
He is located in Great Meadows, NJ 

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