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Tai has made a lot of progress since arriving in foster care.  He was surrendered to a shelter back in April of 2020, and spend many lonely months hiding in a box in his crate.  When he arrived in his foster home in December of 2020, he was scared  and unsure, but safe.  We began the journey of working with him.  In the beginning he allowed some pets, but always remained frozen.  We allowed different cats to come in and visit, and he seemed to like the company.  As he settled in, he began to not be welcoming of pets, but also would not hide in the corner.  He was also very selective as to what cats he wanted near him and would growl at them.  Day by day, he would make himself more visible and not run and hide.  Today, he enjoys looking out the windows, lounging on the bed, even if occupied down by the feet.  He is not allowing petting anymore, but will take turkey or chicken from your hand.  He recently attacked one of the resident cats, so he will need to go to a no other cat home.  Tai continues to make progress even if its the small things.  

He is up to date and is FeLV/FIV negative.  

Tai is located in NJ.

www.omcrescue.org to fill out an adoption application. 

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