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**Special Needs Kitty!! Diabetic who is on insulin 2 times a day and was recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure which is being managed with medications. **


Places, please!  Places!  Mr Ly'Jah is taking center stage and we’re spreading the news!  The fabulous  Mr Ly'Jah  wants to make a brand-new start of it with an extra-special family in his very own home.

Ly'Jah is a  9-year-old Maine Coon mix with a very handsom tabby-patterned coat and a fashionably tipped ear.  Ly'Jah has a big, dynamic presence -- literally.  He is one extra-large kitty.  Ly'Jah is a sweet quiet boy.  He does not meow, but rather sings in soft little chirps, mews and squeaks.  It is so adorable coming from such a big kitty.  Ly'Jah loves having his cheeks rubbed and thinks watching TV on the couch with his foster mom is the best!  He is on the shy side at first, but makes new friends quickly, especially if he is offered a snack.  Food seems to be the quickest way to Ly'Jah's heart. 

Ly'Jah is a happy boy, but right now his high kick is not so high and his little voice slightly off-key. He is looking for an extra special family who can help him through some chronic health issues discovered since he came into rescue.

Ly'jah has a chorus of health concerns that his foster mom and veterinarians are trying to address, first and foremost fine-tuning his insulin to bring his diabetes under control. Ly'Jah may also have some issues with inflammation in his digestive system, which are currently being addressed as well, beginning with a special diet (which, of course, he loves).

Ly'Jah has a wonderful temperament and readily allows all handling and treatments her medical condition requires.  He has tolerated the cat-friendly dog and other cats in his foster home.  With his health issues, a quiet home with only adults and older children would be best for him.  Ly'Jah's new family will need to be experienced with caring for a diabetic kitty and dedicated to providing the health care he will need going forward.  Ly'Jah's ready to go home today!

Ly'Jah has been neutered, is up to date on her vaccines, and has tested negative for FeLV/FIV.  And of course, this proper young man always uses his litter box.

Ly'Jah is in Absecon, NJ.  If you are interested in adopting him, please fill out an adoption application for him. 

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