Cat Tips

There is a lot of information out there about cats. OMC! (Only Maine Coons Rescue) has chosen three important topics to help you when adopting a new family member.

Welcome Home:
Our welcome home section will help you with basic information when you are first bringing your new cat home. There is a lot of useful information, so please take the time to read it through. Please click this link to go directly to the article.

Litter box Issues:
If you have a cat that does not use the box as they should, this is a great article for you. There are some awesome tips on how to handle this situation. We remind you that this behavior could be a medical condition and that you should have your cat checked by your vet for any health issue. If the cat is cleared medically, then you may have a behavioral problem on your hands. For tips and ideas handling these kinds of issues. Please click this link to go directly to the article.

Indoor VS Outdoor:
If you are thinking about allowing your cat outdoors, this article is for you. Allowing your cat outdoors is a personal choice, but OMC has a very strict indoor only policy.

We do not want our cats in danger of being lost and ending up in a shelter again. The safest place for your new family member is snug and secure in your home or in your lap at all times. Please click this link to go directly to the article.

If you are thinking about "Declawing your cat, please read this document before you considering this option.

You will not want your cat to be put through a procedure like this without learning more about the process. Make an informed decision. Please click this link to go directly to the Article.


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