We are happy to share stories about our Maine Coons. Some are stories about how the cat came into rescue, and others are directly from the adopters.
We hope that you enjoy them!

Romeo's new story:

Romeo is doing well! I must say he is the most loving cat I have ever had!! He loves to be held and he buries his little head into my chest or neck...I just love him!!! He is still a little skittish with strange noises. However, he sticks around to see what it is all about rather than just running to his safe place, which was under my bed. LOL

So far he is not much of a jumper, the only thing he will jump on are the beds. But from there he's just recently discovered the windows and that Momma feeds the birds & squirrels in the late afternoon so there is quite a show to watch ;)) I try sitting him in the windows downstairs but he's not quite comfortable with that yet so upstairs on the beds he'll go.

He is still my little work in progress but he is definitely determined to overcome his fears because he comes right back to the spot he ran from...He is also doing well with the dogs. He is better around the 2 Sr. dogs and my female just adores him!! My youngest dog is just a bowl full of energy but Romeo has no problem letting him know to back off...I am quite happy with how comfortable he has gotten thus far and every day I see him progress.

Weather its exploring something new or the amount of time he spends doing it. I am so grateful he came into our lives. I just love him to pieces and the best part is I know he loves me too! I have to add that sometimes when we are sitting and he is being loved, I think of all the poor animals that go through that ACC that never stand a chance...

Romeo has so much love to share and is so docile...he loves to be on his back and get his belly and chest rubbed which is a super treat for me as well because my Ms. Chloe would never let me lol...Thank you all for rescuing him!! He and I would have missed out on each other otherwise!!


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