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OMC! (Only Maine Coons Rescue) accepts Maine Coon /Maine Coon Mix cat/kittens. If you are not sure if your cat is a Maine Coon, send us a picture at

If your Maine Coon cat has bonded with a Non-Maine Coon cat, special consideration may be made to accept them both into the program.

OMC will help you place your cat in a new home. We have two different options available.
Our first option is to list your cat on our web site as needing a home. The cat would stay where it is and all interest in them would come directly to you. You will interview interested parties and you will be able to decide where your cat goes. Our Request to Place Manager will be available to help you during the process. We ask for a minimum $20.00 donation (or more if you wish) for this service. If you are with another rescue or shelter, the service will be provided for free.

Our second option would be for OMC to take your cat in rescue. If OMC has an available foster home in your area, we would be happy to take your cat. Once you sign over your cat to OMC, we will screen all interested adopters and then place them in their new home. Your cat must be up to date with all of their shots and be spayed or neutered in order for us to take them in our foster program. OMC asks for a donation of $100.00. This donation will cover a vet visit and any food/care needed while they are waiting to go to their new home.

Please fill out the following application below and send three pictures of your cat to OMC at
Pictures should include a head shot, a full body shot that includes tail, and then a playful shot of your choice that really shows off your cat's beauty.

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