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06/01/2016 Marian from Waretown, NJ Adopted Otto

Adopting Otto was a very pleasant well organized experience. I have adopted cats in the past this was efficient, extremely well vetted. Otto is a special needs older kitty with moderate to fairly severe arthritis. Vicky was very diligent making certain that he would be placed in a home that would fulfill his needs. He is a very sweet kitty who loves lap sitting and telling stories. He is very content and happy

03/16/2016 Jess from Hammonton, NJ Adopted Cecil

Fantastic! The adoption process was thorough, as expected, and I felt very comfortable with adopting through OMC

03/06/2016 Renee from Newark, DE Adopted Moe and Scar

The overall experience was very good. Everyone I talked to was very helpful in addition to Jenn Ford who did the home visit. I am grateful that I was allowed to adopt Moe and Scar even though I do not live in New Jersey.

03/05/2016 Gary from Wakefield, MA Adopted Jax

We couldn't be more happier with our Jax! The people at OMC we worked with were wonderful! Truly an organization that cares about the pets.

09/07/2015 JoAnne o Landing, NJ Adopted Ariel & Leeu now called Leo

My experience was very positive. The adoption process was thorough which made me feel that omc rescue wanted the best for their fosters. The babies transitioned easily and we are blessed to have them as a part our our family!

08/12/2015 Denise from Medford, NJ Adopted Tilly

This was my first experience adopting through Only Maine Coons Rescue and I cannot speak highly enough about the adoption process and all of the volunteers. Everyone was extremely professional and helpful and communications were excellent. Thank you for making this adoption a truly wonderful experience.

07/24/2015 Michelle from Egg Harbor Township, NJ Adopted Sox (formerly Ari)

It was really great and seamless. Sox has quickly become part of the family.

12/20/14 Dennis & Jennifer from Galloway, NJ Adopted Vincent (Now known as Sawyer)

Yesterday we welcomed Vincent (now known as Sawyer) into our family. He was such a well adjusted kitty that within hours of arriving he, on his own, toured his entire home and met his new best friend Becca, our 13 year old Siberian Husky. They sniffed nose to nose calmly and then Sawyer let out his one and only HISS and now its as if they've known each other all their lives. Sawyer has no problems touring around the home on his terms and is already readily following us around. He has had no problems adjusting to his new litter boxes and has used both on either ends of the house. He is eating his normal diet of dry food but has not attempted to eat his wet food. We\'ll keep trying with the wet but he's eating very well with the dry.

Our first night with him was uneventful. We did see signs that he was out and about in his home while we were sleeping. He managed to open one closet door but no mischief discovered.

Sawyer loves to be picked up and petted. We introduced his new brush and found there are certain areas he\'s not to keen on being brushed. We'll be working on them...

We cannot thank OMC, Lisa, and Sawyers foster parents Vicky & Brian enough for our wonderful new addition to our family! Sawyer is very loving and calm and has obviously been loved and cared for by his fosters beautifully! Your efforts are readily apparent to all who would meet him. You've done an outstanding job!

This was our first encounter with OMC Rescue and it was a great experience!

Thank all who are involved with OMC and the work they do!!

Dennis, Jennifer, Becca, and Sawyer :)

12/20/14 Michelle from Savage, MD Adopted Christopher

Great! The interviews were very in-depth. The process was easy. We love our big guy and are so glad he\'s part of our family.

12/07/2014 Sheila from West Orange, NJ Adopted Zoe (formerly known as Bree)

The process took much longer than expected. It took 2 weeks to be contacted after my initial application submission. The entire process took more than 4 weeks.

Everyone I spoke with was very nice and I could see were genuinely concerned for the welfare of the cats.

11/ 08/2014: Don from McKeesport, PA Adopted Boo

Application process was very thorough but obviously works because we were paired with our perfect boy.

07/2014: Wendy from Newton, NJ Adopted Eva

Everyone was very helpful and professional. All involved were so concerned about making sure that the adopter would be able to provide a caring and loving home for the cat. Chris was very accommodating to let us come to her home to meet Eva and allowed us to spend enough time there so we could observe her long enough to make a decision.

03/2014: The Carpenter Family from Philadelphia. PA adopted Hope and Faith.

OMC really cares about their cats and it shows.

02/12/2014: Judy from Berwick, PA, Adopted Daphne and Teddy(formerly Diego) in July 2013

The whole process of adopting our two kittens was done in a timely and professional manner. Also, I could tell that Chris and Lisa really cared about finding the best home for the kittens.

02/04/2014: Colleen from Bordentown, NJ, Adopted Mercy (now Perci) on 02/01/2014

My experience was great! This is a very organized rescue and I always had all my questions answered quickly and thoroughly.

01/02/14: Alex & Lisa from Rutherford, NJ, Adopted Shyann aka Leah (now Liam) 02/27/2013

OMC Rescue is certainly the place to go to adopt your next furry friend. We were impressed with the specialized care provided by the foster caregivers and the personalized touch given each applicant. OMC certainly goes to great lengths to ensure that each adoptee is placed in a suitable. loving and nurturing environment both before and after adoption which we believe makes for a positive transition. The level of medical attention given prior to adoption is impeccable and their follow-up after adoption, most helpful & appreciated. We thank OMC everyday for bringing us together and for enabling us to open our home & hearts for Leah, now in her "fur-ever" home.

9/13/13: Frances and Kenneth from Ewing, NJ, Adopted Bubba and Morris.

Excellent experience from start to finish. We feel very fortunate that we found an organization like OMC that brought us together with our two new beautiful family members, Bubba and Morris.

We know Bubba and Morris are very happy in their new home. I would like to add that both cats came from a very loving foster home, they were very well socialized, which made their transition very easy. Keep up the good work that you do and thank you.

07/00/2013: Marcia From Binghamton, NY, Adopted Dani (now Najla)

You all rock! What a wonderful experience and what a wonderful cat!

07/28/2013: Aleksey from Brooklyn, NY, adopted Queen and Quynn

It was great experience, OMC knows their stuff and loves cats and they are doing excellent work rescuing and providing them with the new home; cats are trained and very well prepared for adoption.

04/19/2013: Mary from Little Egg Harbor, NJ adopted Ivan now known as Rory Ivan Elvis

I am in week two of loving Ivan to pieces and have the wonderful people at OMC! Rescue to thank for this precious bundle of love! He is sooo very special with his unique purrsonality; he's a talker, & I just luv that aspect of his kitty self! (one of many!) I am so grateful to his foster mom for the great care she gave him while recovering from his neck booboo, and for her incredible devotion to the Rescue, the 'babies' and parent(s) to be. I would recommend the Rescue to anyone who is a Maine Coon/mix cat lover in need of a new companion, as they are clearly so devout to the Rescue & the kitties, and finding the right parent(s). What they do is so self-less, it is incredible. Kitty bursts of luv to Vicky and everyone at the Rescue for all that you do for the cats and for us all. xo Thank you! xo

04/06/2013: Mary from Little Egg Harbor, NJ adopted Marabella now known as Maggie

This was my first time going through a Rescue group to adopt and the experience was great! Vicky and Lisa were amazing. Their devotion, caring, knowledge and kindness were above and beyond what I expected. It was so heartwarming to see such love for these beautiful babies (that ultimately were going to other homes; what big hearts the foster parents have!) it warmed my heart a hundred times over. Thank goodness for Vicky and Lisa & all the folks at OMC! Rescue ... I can't thank you all enough for filling my heart once again with hope and love, disguised as two furry, sweet doll-babies! :) I love being their mom! Thank you, everyone! Bella and Ivan have a happy, loving home and I have the empty space in my heart filled with two sweet babies I absolutely adore!! :))

02/28/2013: Jules from West Grove, PA adopted Milo now known as Charlie

All was as discussed, good experience!

02/13/2013: Terri from Morristown, New Jersey adopted Riker and Troi

My Husband and I had just lost our 17 year old Maine coon named Annie and we were heart broken! When we found Chris and met Riker (a Bengal Male) and Troi (a Maine Coon Female) we fell in love and they have brought such joy to our home! They not only play and entertain each other, but Troi loves to lay on your chest, snuggle your neck and attack your toes! Riker loves to chase the laser light, perch on the top of the refrigerator and nuzzle your face and your nose. They have mended our broken hearts. Thank you for rescuing them for us!

02/07/2013: Denise from Galloway, New Jersey adopted Missy now known as Ginger

Very good, was well informed of cats' history and provided with food that she is till enjoying.

02/07/2013: Suzanne from Ventnor, New Jersey adopted Queen Josephine now known as HoneyBun

A very well run organization that really cares about these lovely cats. I was impressed of how they are fostered and the excellent screening procedure that is implemented.I am over-the moon about my new girl. She had no adjustment time whatsoever and 1 hour after arriving at my home she was sitting on the couch with me while I watched the "Big Bang Theory". My baby is well socialized and very, very intelligent......... with tendencies to act like a dog. She greets everyone at the door and lets them feel welcome in our home. I hope others can find the purrfect pet from OMC Rescue as I did. I will be forever grateful for the caring, concern and truthfulness that was apart of this experience. May you all find the little angel out there that is waiting for you. I believe that I was able to save a life..... and in the long-run I\'d like to think that my "HoneyBun" has saved mine. She is an absolute treasure. Thanx, again OMC for this wonderful gift. Sincerely, Suzanne Sampson

01/22/2013: Diane from East Brunswick, New Jersey adopted Rowan now known as Gandalf the Cream.

Fun and supportive. Good information was given on alternative cats. I think I have the right one.

12/22/2012: Katerina from Perth Amboy, New Jersey adopted Holly.

Working with Vicky was such a great experience. She was patient and so helpful with all my questions and concerns through out the adoption process. The cats are well cared for in her foster home, it was so nice to see them in a loving environment. Holly is a beautiful cat she was 4 months old when we adopted her. She's getting along great with our 8 yr. old male cat. I would use this rescue group again, they do a through back ground check to make sure the cats get into good homes. Thank you for helping us find the perfect little sister for our older cat.

12/16/2012: HK from Newtown, New Jersey adopted George & Grace .

It could not have been better. We were very happy that the organization is so protective of the cats, and the two we adopted are very loving and active. They were already using a scratching post when we got them, which was a relief.

12/15/2012: Ginny from Rio Grande, New Jersey adopted Tinsel.

It was great!!! And she is so sweet.

12/08/12: Lisa from Brooklyn, New York adopted Jude now known as Louie

It could not have been better. We were very happy that the organization is so protective of the cats, and the two we adopted are very loving and active. They were already using a scratching post when we got them, which was a relief.

11/24/2012: Janyce from Bloomfield, New Jersey adopted Rocky.

Very impressed with the adoption process. I volunteer at two cat shelters and feel OMC does an exemplary job of prescreening and follow up. UPDATE:

He has gained weight due to multiple daily feedings. Has had dental surgery with 6 tooth extractions. Without the original care given by OMC, this would not be a happy tail. He fits in well in the household and even thinks he is the boss. But my most disabled cat, Wobbles, still rules the roost. We changed his name from Rocky to Henry as it seemed a more dignified name for the cat who is regaining all his splendor and dignity.

10/27/2012: Ivana & Tony from Astoria, New York adopted Ozzy now known as Max.

Thank you OMC! Thank you for giving us this amazing opportunity to share our life with this amazing creature name Ozzy! From the first moment we contacted OMC, it was smooth sailing with plenty of communication and instructions on what needs to be done, what the next step is and what to expect. We totally support their aim to find “purrfect” homes for these incredible cats. I am not the first time cat owner, but definitely first time Maine Coon owner and our foster parent was every step with us giving us advice and assurances. We were so nervous thinking what the news are going to be, but once we heard we have Ozzy, we did not wait a minute to go and get him into our lives. Thank you Vicky and thank you Chris! Thank you for enriching our lives with this “purrfect” companion!


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